E3 2015 Trailer

First In-game footage



All of these games were made at the game production education The Game Assembly


Genre Project

In this game I made some props and all the sounds.

FPS Project

9 Weeks, at half-time. I made all the concepts and models for the enemies in this game. And also all the sounds.


Real-Time Strategy Project

This project was made in 9 weeks. I made a lot of rocks and stones and tiling mountain meshes. I also made som props.


Space Shooter Project

The first 3d-game we did at The Game Assembly. 10 weeks at half speed. As Art Lead I managed planning, writing feature lists and user stories. I also did the concepts for the Battleship and Missile Drone and the model for the Missile Drone.



Turnbased Strategy Project

Art: Simon Lindwall, Filip Ericsson, Jonas Axelsson, Daniel Knutsson, John Kollberg
8 weeks at half speed. I was Art Director, responsible for the overall graphic style.
I did concepts for most of the units and built the four tanks and all the buildings.


Shoot Em Up Project

Art: Simon Lindwall, Ronja Melin, Hampus Linton, Sebastian Vasselbring
Code: Henrik Hansson, Martin Johansson, Christian Johannesen, Gary Au


Point & Click

Text Adventure
Art: Simon Lindwall, Emil Stålberg

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